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James F.

FEAST or Famine™ Clothing Brand



FEND Streetwear Brand's Marketing

FEND is a streetwear brand making shirts, tank tops, snapback hats, crewneck sweaters, and hoodies. http://www.FENDstreetwear.com

My marketing plans are focused mainly on leveraging the power of the internet to target my streetwear target demographic. I create and build websites and resources that I know people that wear my brand's style of clothing will use and then I place advetisements on them.

I want my marketing campaigns to be exponential and long-term with huge ROI's and barely and upfront cost except elbow sweat and creative thinking.

  • HotDropHipHop.com
  • Inbound traffic from blog/industry leading resource
  • Blog referal traffic
  • SEO'd webstore
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Hustling every way I know how to get my products in front of the eyes of my target market
  • Celebrity gifting
  • Getting into more boutiques
  • Getting my products sold on Karmaloop! and/or making their blog, etc.

More details and updates to come soon....  a lot of the foundation for my marketing strategies have been built and/or have begun a small execution rollout and/or on the brink of rolling out. I am always looking out for more creative ideas and to bounce feedback with others....


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