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Jenn Olsen





Dear Sally,

Thank you for taking the time to look at my portfolio and contact me.  I am extremely interested in this opportunity.  I have a couple questions regarding the project to make sure that we're on the same page.

- will the book be presented portrait or landscape?

- how "modern" should I go?  do you have any moodboards or reference imagery for what look you want?  If not, I would love to put one together to really hone the look.

- do you have a preference of digital vs traditional art, or a mixture between the two?

- I can provide you two sketched concepts within 48 hours, is this acceptable?

- is three rounds of revisions acceptable per rough concept and finished work?

- how many colours can I use? (4 colours?) and are there any colours I should stay away from / is there any colour palette that you would like me to use?

- what is the bleed zone?

- what format would you like me to provide?  I usually provide a zip with an ai file and a jpeg, will this suffice?

- should I provide both CMYK and RGB versions for printing and digital versions?

- will I retain the rights to my work? ie: are you licensing the imagery from me?

I think that's enough for me to start on the cover, and we can address interior pages after I send you my final artwork.

thank you for this opportunity, I look forward to our collaboration!
Jenn Olsen

Step One: Moodboard

I had lots of ideas about how to represent this, but found that I needed a moodboard to help take me a step back and see what was actually workable.


Step Two: Concept Sketches

I kept coming to the sort of "david and goliath" face off of the wolf and the last little pig.  In the first sketch I really wanted to represent the danger closing in, so I tried to make the wolf like a snake or ouroboros.  In the end, it felt a little too visually confusing, although I still really like the idea.  


In the second concept, I went "whole hog" and portrayed the pigs already being gobbled up and in the wolf's belly.  I tried to make this look more cute than vicious... hopefully I pulled that off.  I feel like the foliage surrounding the characters both acts as a "cover" for the last pig (he's peaking out from the corner) and also balances the imagery of the pigs being eaten up.  I added the xray frame to make it a little more lighthearted and cute.

The wolf is still giant in this concept, altho I have shifted to looming largely instead of constricting.  I think the wolf comes off cuter here.


Step Three: Final Artwork

Sally and I went through some revisions of the final artwork.




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