FB ads - Narrowing my audience, Now testing

FB ads - Narrowing my audience, Now testing - student project

This has been a helpful class, thank you!  I have several pages of notes. I really learned more about the intent of an ad, from the awareness stage the to consideration stage, and that I was too broad in my FB ads before my classes I was offering and specific discounted offerings.  I didn't know about re-targeting those who had already liked my page or engaged on my posts.  Seems simple, but it is not so obvious for me as a non-marketer on social media, still learning basics and testing stuff.   I have been running a few simple static ads to build awareness and increase my likes, just to build my exposure.  See the images I'm uploading for examples I've done.  Today I created a slideshow ad that showcases several stories I've written of specific astrology content that I hope to continue mixing up the ads to see what works in a more narrow by age group audience.  I really see the advantages now to narrow specific kinds of content since I serve wide audience levels in general for everything, but some topics are very niche and that can be a tool for growing by focused topic.  I have a few ideas that came through while in this class I will work on to see how it goes.  I'm having my website redesigned end of this month to be more suitable for getting subscribers and engaging with individuals who are interested in my consultations that are my biggest offerings right now. Next year early I will have my first course for beginners launching, so all this helps me so much in how I can use FB ads more effectively in that launch effort. Thank you!  Sarrah 

This image shows the results for page likes and costs on the simple static moon/sun image.  FB ads - Narrowing my audience, Now testing - image 1 - student project


This is a video ad I ran, my very first one I had someone on Fiverr create it for me because I did not want to struggle with video editing yet.  Trying to create conversions for purchasing a consultation reading with me. 


THis was the result and ad spend, plus I think for the video edit (I had shared the images) I spent I think $25 I think, maybe but part of it was simply to learn what they would do, so then I could mimic it later. 



What I didn't realize was that I could run ads to those 50 who click the link with another offer!  I hadn't even thought of that one.  I realize now that I overpaid for that darn video too, because it was basically slides with cool transitions and nice images with my offering and simple text.  Seriously, learning sometimes is expensive!  But now I know better, thank goodness I only had one done by someone else.  I did get 2 people that wanted readings from this video ad one at $145 and one at $100, and one has been a repeat customer. 

Your class was full of great tips, thanks.  I will likely rewatch and fine-tune again.