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I truly believe in the Skillshare ethos and that's why I would love you to join in this project. I think by working and sharing our knowledge we can create lasting relationships and help each other out. So please do share your findings whilst completing the project steps in the class!

Introduce yourselves!

Hi I'm Faye and I'm a graphic designer, animator and online teacher. I also run an Etsy shop selling printable items called Miss Printables. I have been freelancing for 6 and half years now. 

Good to be here. 

//Step 1 - do one thing to find new clients

This week I plan to attract more clients to the logo design side of my business. I will do this mostly on Facebook. 

//Step 2 - pricing research

I found this really great article about what to charge for a logo design project... a little tip - read the comments to posts you find on blogs. A lot of people will also talk about their experience and tips!


//Step 3 - quote template


//Step 4 - accounting tips

An app to help with all those receipt! https://www.receipt-bank.com


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