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FAYD Apparel

FAYD Apparel, a double acronym (Forget All Your Doubts, Follow All Your Dreams), is brand that collaborates with dreamers of different industries. We want to fade the boundaries of similar ambitious people that are going after their individual dreams. Started in 2012, we created a brand, platform if you will, where people could come together to tell their story, while creating this motivational brand. Here are just a few pieces we have done this year. 

The Freehand logo (seen above)  on Jordan Brown is our staple for our brand. It represents everything we have done to get to this point, and everything we will do in the future. When first starting out, we didn't have the means to buy any new computers, so on an old ibook using the trackpad, we created the 'Freehand' on the first try and we knew that this logo would resonate with people, as it did with us. 


Featured on our blog so far is AER, Meek Demeo, Damon Campbell of muziksmylife, and Jordan Brown who is pursuing an NFL career, these people are different in so many ways, yet they all share one common goal, which is to advance their dream or career. If nothing else, FAYD is a brand that represents the drive and motivation that lies within those who want to take their life/career to the next level. 

Humble Beginnings; Never forget where you came from. Raising money for Hurricane Sandy Victims.

The 'Merican Freehands. (The print on the shirt is an actual photo of a roughed-up American Flag inspired by the  photo taken in the aftermath of the Twin Towers in 2001. ) 


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