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I started off following Aaron's err...  Mr. Draplin's (sorry its been awhile since school) videos.  As soon as I started I knew exactly what I wanted to do.  
Coming from a Irish family, I knew I wanted to incorporate all of the standard icons in this assignment.  But these cliche symbols mean so much more.  

The shamrock represents our heritage, yes, but it also a representation of how strong our family is.  

The horseshoe isnt for luck, its a representation of my grandfather and what he stood for.  Strong balanced and happy.  He also was a horseshoe champion.

The saying "Luck has Nothin' to do with it" is something our whole family understands.  We were never handed anythin, we had to work and work hard for what we want.  Its simple, theres no such thing as "the luck of the irish" 'round here!

I chose to keep the color palate to a minimum (3 colors).  

I didnt keep a lot of process shots of the design, but I have a shot of where i started.  

Here is also my design, and Id love some feedback from anyone who has anything to say.

Thanks everyone!


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