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FADED | Fresh All Day Every Day

FADED Clothing,  aka Fresh All Day Every Day is a cornerstone street wear brand which communicates the bold power of freshness. Established in 2005, FADED is a lifestyle and street apparel brand whose image is personified through its product. As one of the original Florida street apparel and jewelry brands our motto is simple: "Forget everyone and get fresh! For FADED is not just clothing, FADED is a way of life!" #stayFRESH

Our brand began in college at Florida State University, we have since grown our brand worldwide and are expanding to boutques throughout. Since 2011 we have grown exponentially and trademarked our name and slogan. We have also developed products such as sunglasses, headwear, and jewelry. 

FADED hemp sereies is a all natural product line that will be featured in our Fall 2013 collection:

We look forward to keeping you updated on our brands progress, you can check out our full line of products at www.faded365.com. Remember the name, F.A.D.E.D aka Fresh All Day Every Day!


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