Well, after taking your class I setup an ad that has been running for less than a week and I've now accumulated over 3000 followers. 

I know that going live makes my content more visible as well as getting people to set up the notifications.

I know I'll be well above 10k in less than a month at this rate. 

But now I'd like to know how to DIRECT that traffic to click links that lead to product sales.

Also, my analytics show certain countries (in this case Afghanistan) are liking more than others. Is this FB algorithm at work? Can I push more likes in other countries by removing others from my ads?

I'm excited that the ads are building my numbers, but converting those into profit is the goal.

Thanks for making this class. 

Great stuff!


How do I create DIRECT LINK ADS? It seems this class applies specifically to building your FB following, but not to advertisements that lead directly to stores or landing pages.



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