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Grace You

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FAB FEB Challenge x Building Art Muscles

Hi, I am Grace You, a papergoods maker. I run a small business that sells handmade paper products such as up-cycled vintage journals and greeting cards. I enjoyed Ria's first class so much that I was thrilled to be part of her second. If you are curious about my first Sketchbook Magic project, you can find them here :)

FAB FEB (Day 1 - 4)

DAY 1-2: Root & Place


DAY 3-4: Music & Light


DAY 5 & 6


Day 7 & 8


#PRACTICE 2: Reconnecting with my joy

I got into drawing and painting in High School, which was more than a decade ago. During that time, my greatest joy and focus was portraiture. I loved the expressiveness of people's faces and the stories it can carry. So in order to reconnect to my joy, I started to do a few live sketches of my husband while we were hanging out at a cafe. I also did a quick drawing of my eye. Portraits can take forever or be done in a whim. These are a start to reconnecting with my joy. 



#PRACTICE 1: Warm up exercises

I used a brush pen filled with black india ink on old book pages: Black Ink x Old Book. My drawings or writings were random. I wanted to let myself go and draw what came to mind or were next to me - like my tools.



>> I added some color to my consequent sketches.



***You are most welcome to my online spaces: studiopapermiel.etsy.com & www.papermiel.com.


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