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Ketlin Martins

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Sooooo. I decided on the episode and I chose the "Pilot". After narrowing down all my favorite episodes I realized that the first episode was the one that got me interested on this show so why not start with the very beginning?! 

Episode: Pilot

Another reason why I chose this episode is because all the main characters are introduced and from the very begining you get to know them well.

Rachel - Spoiled: Runs away from her wedding and has dad paying for all her credit cards.

Chandler - Funny: Always making jokes about various situations.

Ross - Divorced: Finds out that his wife wants the divorce cuz she found out she is a lesbian.

Monica - Romantic: Believes on what guys say and goes to various dates looking for the perfect mate. 

Phoebe - Weird: Comes from a weird chieldhood and has her own way of being helself.

Joey - Womanizer: Woman is always the anwer to solve any problems

Since one of the main locations of the tv show is the coffee shop "Central Perk" I wanted to focus on the iconic orange couch. I still need to post my sketches so you guys can see what I'm going but the goal is to make the poster scream Friends. Something that people will see and recognize it right away. So what better than the couch?! Was thinking about putting one element of each character on the couch or surrounding it, still don't know. Any ideas?

So far, that's all I have, what do you guys think?


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