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F.I.L.A. (Forever I Love Atlanta)

Hey, my name is Divie, my instagram name is @_divie . I grew up in many places, but mainly around the Atlanta area, and in that process I have fallen in love with this city I call home.

Look Up: this is the corner of the Equitable Buildng in Atlanta, at night this is one of the most noticable buildings in the city, because the words "equitable" are bright at night at the top of the building. I love the symmetry of the shot. Motion Blur: I saw this new Corvette on the street and had to capture it, and it was actually my first time taking a panned shot during the day. I like how you can look at the tires and see how the tires are rotating. Night Photography: Even though in my eyes this photo does not fall under the categories of motion blur, look up or portrait (I guess you could consider it motion blur), I really love this night shot and this is a infamous spot to capture the Atlanta skyline. Street Portrait: some of us have been given tickets in the past so this portrait gave me rememberance, even though it might not be a memory I want to remember.

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