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Francis Orekoya

F.Dynamo1986 Clothing Co.




Contest Submission:

Name and Location: Francis Orekoya, Long Isand, NY

Brand Name: F.Dynamo1986

Mission Statement:

F. Dynamo 1986 is a clothing company that designs apparel built for the most energetic, forceful individuals. Our goal is to create original works of art that are simple yet sophisticated, while giving glory to the most high and embracing Religion, Ethnicity, Art & Culture.


Images of Collection CAD

Here are a couple illustrations of pieces from our upcoming Fall 2013 collection titled, "The 5th & 6th".

Our products are affordably priced, so that the consumer can feel comfortable (financially) purchasing from F.Dynamo1986. We have 6 piece minimums to allow smaller stores (boutiques) to carry our brand without worrying about inventory space.

Simple and sophisticated designs with meaning and substance, is the direction we go in every collection. This is something we stand by and believe is needed in order have longevity, oppose to trendy graphics. Hope you enjoy.

About/The Story

F.Dynamo is not just the name of this clothing company, it’s my nickname, the company’s creator and sole designer Francis Orekoya. With a team of close friends and family I have been able to turn my passion into a reality and create F.Dynamo1986 clothing company. Here is my story…

Living in Brooklyn, Queens and now Long Island, I’ve been influenced by New York culture from birth (1986). Everything about New York inspired me growing up, from the music, to the sports, art, fashion and even the toughness of street gangs. I loved The Wu Tang Clan and The Lost Boyz because they were never flashy but were heavy weights in hip hop, all while representing New York to the fullest. That is why I decided to keep my designs simple yet sophisticated, because real talent doesn’t need glitz and glamour to thrive.

Art has always been my greatest talent as drawing and creating original works of art came naturally. However, it wasn’t clear at the time how I should use this talent.  When I was young, clothing companies like Mecca, Fubu and Karl Kani were on top of things in the fashion industry. Being from New York, you have to have at least a little bit of an entrepreneurial spirit in you, and that’s when it clicked. Starting a clothing company is what I decided to do and I focused my talents on apparel design. From that point (7th grade) everything from tee shirts, to jackets and even upscale dresses were being sketched at all times. Perfecting my craft and eye for what people want to wear became my life.

The next step was a name. “Dynamo” came from my older brother’s tag name, which meant an energetic, forceful individual. 1986 was added to the end of Dynamo because that is my favorite number and year of birth, so throughout high school people knew me as “Dynamo” and the company as Dynamo1986. In college everyone was on AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) but the screen name Dynamo1986 was taken, so “F” (for Francis) was put in front of it, and people thought it sounded good. From there the name F.Dynamo1986 was formed and has been the company name since 2007.

Today F.Dynamo1986 clothing company is one that creates simple yet sophisticated apparel for urban and suburban youth influenced by hip hop, pop and underground street culture. We are creating a brand that can be worn with boat shoes or Jordan sneakers. When you buy from F.Dynamo you are buying art designed by a single artist who is influenced by his experiences and his surroundings as opposed to something taught in a classroom.

Many strides have been made, but many more are needed, as only some of our goals have been accomplished. We hope you like the art, website and story that has been created thus far. Come back and visit the site again, and be sure to look out for additions to this story in the making. With your support F.Dynamo plans on being around for a while. Thank you for your time and God Bless.

visit us at www.fdynamo1986.com



instagram: @FDynamo1986

Here is a look at some of our previous work...


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