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Frazer S.




F (done) , Kangaroo (done) and ...

******************************************************************** LETTERMARK

Okay, so I'm going to be doing the logomark project first I've chosen "F" as it's the initial of my name and I'll hope to use it on stuff like stationary and the header for my website (which is only in concept stages until I learn to animate parts of it).

Here is a page of 50 or so sketchy sketches

... and here are my favourites for critique.

Here are some quick iterations of my chosen design. Feedback is welcomed!

I chose my final lettermark, the one with the S inside of the F by only adding a small line and taking away a little bit of the F. 

*************************************************************************** KANGAROO LOGO

It was a difficult choice but the winner is number 6! Come and collect your prize!

Here is a rough vectorised logo:

After the long and grueling gridding process, here's the neat versions of the logo. I've also included one iteration where I use negative space rather than a 2 colour to make some parts stand out, I think I like this one better so I'll run with it.

Using a little bit of photoshop wizardry, here's a mockup of what it would look like through letterpress printing.


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