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F as in Frank Papergoods Co.

I've started a new papergoods company and have been working out a logo for it based on handwritten variations and aesthetic from masculine / craft brands. I've uploaded my inspiration below, and a few first sketches:



These are a few rough sketches I've been playing around with to get a feel for the style I'm going for. I'm hoping to finalize the ideas of a couple by combining aspects that I like. Apologies for the handheld photo capture - I'm not at home with my scanner currently.



A few revised concept ideas:


After reworking all the elements of the past logos i'd done, I came up with these selections.

The first has the iconic F in the circle at the top which is reminiscent of an old typewriter key, and the other 2 are similar to each other but I felt like the addition of the flag ends at the bottom of the 2nd circular one had a bit of a bowtie feel to it which i kind of liked since our card line has a masculine aesthetic.



I didn't like the idea of having a font as our branded 'F', so I created one myself, combining aspects / elements of other F's I liked from various fonts. I drew this by hand and vectorized it, then tried to incorporate it into some of the logo concepts i liked the best, but the overall arrangement still felt off to me.



Since we're a letterpress company, I wanted our logo to give an overall feel for our aesthetic and brand while maintaining an element of fun and a nod to logos of the past. Many of the applications for this logo will require it to be more of a horizontal layout, so I was leaning more towards the ones in the row second from the bottom.

I combined different elements that I liked from all of them, including a letterpress machine silhouette and our slogan that I came up with : Making an Impression since 2013 and came up with the following, which I think i'm finally happy with:


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