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F - Tim Ferris, Four Hour Work Week


lifestyle design
warren buffet wealth
better results less time
risk taking
job hating
argentine dance
mini retirement
live like a millionaire
do what you love
forget common sense
self defeating
change, transition
do more in less time
live mobile
drug dealing for fun and profit
not about more money
testing the rules
timing is never right
ask forgiveness, not permission
relative income
eustress as power, inspiration, excitement
defining fear to overcome it
live on nothing
be unrealistic
seneca, inspiration
minimal - but say something
beautiful and something you want to keep
design scheme, shape, colour

Know and assess characters, setting, concept, plot, brainstorm

F is the letter
labs, experiments, risk
chess, challenges
more in less time
hate your job, moving on
live like a millionaire, live mobile, live on nothing
minimal, but say something
eliminate all the s**t

Give it time to breath, to have s**t ideas

Pick out goodness, sketch all the s** - go nuts

Shoot for the stars
The path less travelled
Stocks rising
Planes over map/earth - to where you'd rather be
Chess grid as the base ...


Looking at mazes, with this as a way to navigate the maze. Capital F sans serif form as basis to show rigid maze. Looking at Designing Type by Karen Cheng and an old calligraphy manual for some proportion ideas. Think to fit the context of a book cover I may start from there. This could also become 3d and angled, so isometric or in proportion. Will be drawn from a top view to begin with either way, just depends how it's eventually rendered.

Cutting way through the clutter instead of taking the typical route.
Short cuts - cut through hedge maze
Pen maze - draw lines
white out
brick/wall maze hammer through, sledge hammer, bulldoze
Climb on walls

Last step was print and review it, trying to get rid of some of those tiny gaps and awkward intersections of elements. It would make it less technicially accurate as a 3d form, but read better as a letter.


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