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Filo is a bakery specialising in traditional gourmet Greek pites. The pites are stuffed with a variety of fillings including hamoumi, spinach, spiced minced beef. It is located in the busy Greek district of Oakleigh in Melbourne, Australia.

The name 'Filo' is the name of the pastry that it is made of but also means 'friend' and 'love' in Greek.

This is a meeting place with a comfortable contemporary vibe to attract both young and old in the community for no fuss breakfast, brunch or lunch.

Our USP is that we do Greek food differently from our local competitors with a slight healthy twist with delicious vegan and vegetarian options (you won't find greasy souvlaki here). We also specialise in pites with imported speciality Greek pita ovens.

We'll have the smell wafting with subtle fans onto the street to try to entice people to come in.

In the first two weeks of operation we plan to give out samples of our pites to passerbyers for people to taste the difference. Hoping to translate a quarter of the samples into sales.

3 Biggest Holes

1. Why would someone buy pites from your cafe when there are other restaurants locally who sell similar foods?

2. How are you going to get people into your bakery/cafe?


MVP Solution

1. Invite as many friends and family to my home to experience key menu dishes and give their honest verdict. 

2. Once the menu has been validated, create a big opening event with live local band and small free show bags via social media and word of mouth to generate a physical buzz on the street and create local presence and interest.



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