FÈRINA | Skillshare Projects

Omari J

Director/Photographer 88 Creative




I got into shooting with film a few months ago because last year unforntuantly I had all my equiptment stolen from me (7D canon, lenses and my laptop). The GIFs you see are from a film camera that I didn't edit other than the mere fact to make them move, which is the whole purpose of the camera. I heard though out the video from this class multiple times that lomography is more of a lifestyle photograpghy and is suposed to be a reflection of you and how you view the world. I always kept my film camera on me after my loses so I figured I shouldnt hold anything back from what I think is art.

By the way I havent been paying attention to the brand of film that I have been using but I'm defenatly going to start now, and try as many as I can find.


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