Eyes - student project

Thank you for the wonderful class. It was fun and I’ve learn a lot. I’ve painted light eye first (thought it will be easier, but it wasn’t :-)). I used Holbein watercolors (quin. magenta, quin. gold and turquoise blue). For dark eye I used Benzimidazole Orange and dioxazine violet by Roman Szmal, Holbein’s turquoise and neutral tint by Winsor & Newton. Sadly I thought that dark eye will look nicier if I will tape it with washi, so it will have sharp and clean edges, but washi tape ruined my paper. I used my sketchbook, it is 300 gsm, cold press, 100% cotton paper from Viviva Colors, it has a lot of texture, so it was challeging to get a details.Eyes - image 1 - student projectEyes - image 2 - student projectI’m looking forward for more of your classes.