Eyes and my nose [UPDATE: portrait of Professor Snape] 7/26/16

This is my first time to try realistic drawing. Ever since i was a child i knew i had it in me when it comes to drawing, and here i am trying to develop it.

....and here is my nose.


I will have another drawing project which is really a portrait. I find it much harder to draw, than a single part of the face. the only part of my face I have drawn yet is my nose.

little bit of shading practice.


reference from google:


I got the proportions wrong hahaha. the eyebrows was shorter than the reference shows. I would have to practice more. Thank you for the lessons! I would never even have done these drawings.


next things to learn are basic anatomy and planes of the face.


I haven't learn basic anatomy and planes of the face yet. this portrait is still not finished.




before drawing the portrait of Professor Snape, I had watch all the series of Harry Potter movies as I did not understand any of it during my childhood days. back in the day, when I watched it for the first time, I thought "why was Harry Potter weak?" he is nothing like Hermoine, she is smart and knows a lot of spells.

When I watched it again I finally understood that he wasn't weak after all. 


It was approximately 7 - 10 years when i first watched Harry Potter and until I haven't watched it again my thoughts was that Severus was a villain. past thought: Villain, Present thought: Brave....enough to sacrifice himself. 

Back at it again with the wrong proportions. I got the eyes too big!  


RIP Allan Rickman.


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