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David Forbes

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Eyeglasses Etc

I wanted to update my family's eyeglasses store with a vintage logo.

Beginning sketches...

I'm a beginner on Adobe Illustrator, so this should be interesting. More to come!

8:30pm, 1/26/14:

Came up with a few more sketches. I think I'm going to go with the one on the bottom right. Might extend the tail of the "E".

Might have to/want to do something with the rest of the word...not sure a simple capitalized font will do. I'm thinking I'll resort to an existing vintage font. Open to suggestions.

Here's a try with the rest of the word. I'm thinking there's potential with the second from the bottom...

I wanted to improve the "E" and this led to this. Still need to consider the rest of the words, but I like this symmetry a lot.

I went back and re-read the course description - probably a good thing to do from time to time - and realized I definitely need to hash out my other letters. Not sure a modified standard upper-case would do the trick. I don't want to get fancy with more cursive. Thoughts are welcomed. Maybe I'll end up using or modifying the second-from-the-bottom font I referred to above. Stay tuned!


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