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Eyebrow Game-On!

I've enrolled in more than 5 classes already, and this is the first time that I'm actually participating, and creating a project. It feels so great to be motivated by someone ... Even if that someone is across the world! The internet surely is an amazing place, and I'm glad that I've stumbled upon you, Sarah!


Gosh you don't know the hype I'm feeling right now ... to actually post something, and interact with a complete stranger/s! Wohoo :3 Anyway, here are the sketches I've made. Although it didn't look like the final outcome, because I think these sketches are too 3-dimensional, and I thought it would be more fun and easy to draw comics if it were simpler. But sketches are meant for rough ideas right? I think this is still a good reference for creating expressions for my character.


I was looking through the other projects, and looked for a ton of inspiration from Tumblr & Pinterest. Like anyone else, I wanted my style to be MY style. I researched for a couple of hours, and finally revised my character. Simpler body, legs, and a hair more appropriate for my current hair! I have super thick hair, so I made it a point to make my character have thick hair also, and I almost, always wore a shirt throughout college (I think everybody knows that), so here is my semi-folded-sleeve-shirt-look with my carefree shorts.


And finally, the comic! 

I'm not really confident about my output, I think there's so much things I should learn ... but I'm getting there ... thanks to you, Sarah! I'm inspired by your willingness to pursue your passion, and I envy your humour! I'll be holding close to my sketchbook from now on, just in-case any ideas suddenly pops out. I'll even bring it to my shower if I had too, haha!

Looking forward for your comments and suggestions! xx

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