Eye opening Pie Charts

Eye opening Pie Charts - student project

I took the time to write out my life story up until I was 21 about 4 years ago.  It was a very revealing process as my story is perhaps, more dramatic than most.  At least, that is what the writing revealed to me. Until you see it from someone else's perspective, your own experience are just that, experiences and they can seem somewhat ordinary. I learned that my early life was not ordinary and I was a little shocked when I put it all down on paper and read through it to realize just how excessively painful it was.  I hadn't even written everything, or even close to everything.  But I did the work and learned and grew through the effort.  Today, I took the Resilience project and again put down many of the shaping experiences on a pie chart to which I knew I'd add color.  It hardly seemed appropriate to add color to such painful events.  I initially thought I'd use hues of blue and grey and black alone.  But as I progressed, I had a realization.  I'd add colors and what's more, I'd add metallic sheen to them all, for each event is now gilded in value for the ways it's shaped and grown me and also, allowed me to relate to sooooo many people over the years in ways that have resulted in healing for each of us. Again, my pie only shows a small portion of the pain of my early life, but it was a graphic visual to me of just how resilient I am.  It also reminded me that these are things I'd passed through and which don't define me in the least.  They may explain me, but I am something altogether different than simply the things I've walked through.

Eye opening Pie Charts - image 1 - student project

Eye opening Pie Charts - image 2 - student project

Danielle Schneider
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