Laurie Thomas

designer of a graphic sort



Eye of Horus Pin

I wanted to work on an Egyptian design. The Eye of Horus drew me in.


My favorite Apple Metal pin is this Broomball one - mainly because it's the typical style of something I'd design.


Here's my final design. I wish I had more time to work on it - I only found this challenge a couple of days ago and I have family in town for Thanksgiving! But I stepped out of my box a bit - restraining myself from putting the Eye in an easy shape, like I'd typically do. But there's not as much detail as I'd have liked to add. I learned a lot from the class, especially to use as few anchor points as possible. I had a few rough spots and ended up just deleting the anchor point I was struggling with and it ALWAYS made the shape more realistic. (The gray box is to show the background vs. the white, blue, & black pin.)



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