Eye Drawing Techniques

Eye Drawing Techniques - student project

Assignment 1:  Basic front eye

I forgot to get rid of the lines before starting the shading process. I used only a HB pencil to draw the whole thing and then blended to add shading using a brush over the lines, and then some charcoal powder from a pencil scribble to add more pigment to the brush. In the end I used an eraser to whiten the highlights in the iris more.

Eye Drawing Techniques - image 1 - student project

 Assignment 2: Side eye

I did a rough sketch while watching the video, then I tried it myself. 

Rough sketch: done while watching video

Eye Drawing Techniques - image 2 - student project








 Second try: I added the curled eyelashes on the whole lid. I felt this gave it a mascara look.


Eye Drawing Techniques - image 3 - student project










Assignment 3: Eye shapes

I tried out different eye shapes. I blended out the HB lines, and tried to shade areas to give the effect of skin as well as give the impression of shadow from the nose in the right hand corner in both images.

This was the smaller eye shape. I used an eraser to emphasise the highlights, however I wasn't able to show the pupil that well. I added lines in between the eyebrow and upper eyelid to give the eye an aged look? (Not sure about that). Once the image was done I felt that it looked like an asian eye, or maybe even a stern looking man's eye.

Eye Drawing Techniques - image 4 - student project










For this one I tried to make look like a young girl's eye. I made it bigger and shinier to show the big, sparkly eyes for youth. And I added long lush eyelashes like I have seen on many young girls. I tried to add a gap between the lower lid and iris to make it look like she's looking up.

Eye Drawing Techniques - image 5 - student project

This one I really struggled with, I had to try the basic structure multiple times before it resembled an eye shape. In the end it wasn't perfect but I think it doesn't look too bad.

Eye Drawing Techniques - image 6 - student project

Assignment 4: Eyelashes

I practised a lot of trial eyelashes, then I drew a side eye and used this opportunity to practise shading as well as drawing eyelashes on an eye from a different angle.

Eye Drawing Techniques - image 7 - student project

Assignment 4 & 5: More eyelashes and eyebrow

Eye Drawing Techniques - image 8 - student project I tried some free hand eyelashes, and then tried out an eyebrow.

Assignment 6: Eye Hachuring

Eye Drawing Techniques - image 9 - student project

 Assignment 7: Eye Shading

Eye Drawing Techniques - image 10 - student project

 Eye Drawing Techniques - image 11 - student project



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