Exuberence is Beauty

Exuberence is Beauty - student project

I was initally going to combine this class with a lettering contest on Minted I wanted to enter, where you had to pick one of the quotes they had selected. I chose "Exuberence is Beauty" by William Blake.  I did however miss the deadline, but want to continue with one of the them for this class.

Exuberence is Beauty - image 1 - student projectExuberence is Beauty - image 2 - student projectExuberence is Beauty - image 3 - student project

I am also getting married in August, and thought this would be perfect to make an asset to use for our stationary or other day-of materials for the wedding, which is why I included the "Robert & Kristine" image as well. I may continue with one of these versions once I get some more practice in with the project.Exuberence is Beauty - image 4 - student projectExuberence is Beauty - image 5 - student project

Kristie Carney

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