Extraterrestrial U.S.A: Painting the Future Past [a working title]

Extraterrestrial U.S.A: Painting the Future Past [a working title] - student project

About Me & My Project

Hey! My name is Ciara and I've been drawing things real and imagined since I was a wee child. I'm American-raised and I have fallen in love with the old American landscape. I even took a trip to Utah last May to paint some of the seriously unearthly sights in the national parks there. I have also taken a shine to the American Bison, and am still working on a series featuring those magnificent beasts. But now I have an idea for a new series, one that kind of combines the work of Roger Dean and Maynard Dixon, in a world where aliens got here first... and in my work I want to uncover some of their left-behind artifacts buried deep in our old earth. I have the paint, I have the canvas, I'm ready to get started! (My cover image is of a little bitty color-study I did for the first large [30X40] piece).

Where I'm At

I've spent my whole life starting projects (and finishing them) but then letting my momentum with my audience peter out... it's like any time I have success it freaks me out and I go back into hiding. I've been working various jobs for the last seven years since graduating high school, always with the dream in the back of my mind to make art for a living. Now (after two whole years of therapy) I'm ready to stake my claim in this world of creators! I still have a day job for now, but we will be moving in about 2-3 years after my husband finishes his PhD, and I want this job to be my LAST. That gives me a deadline and a goal: to be earning at least half of what I currently make at my job with my own creative work before we move to the next place. After that, I'd LOVE to see it grow even more! I have dreams of sharing a studio/gallery space with other artists and holding workshops & classes there. Someday!

In regards to this extraterrestrial project, I have two shows lined up at local coffee shops for this coming summer, and I'm not sure what else beyond that! Hoping to sell at least one of the pieces in the series (they will be quite large and framed). We shall see!

Next Steps for Monetization

  • Post daily on Instagram & facebook
  • Make something every day (and share it!)
  • Reach out to other creators I admire
  • Develop my personal artistic style (a.k.a. build a brand) over the next two years
  • Ask people to participate in what I'm doing via Patreon, shares, comments, purchases (prints & merch)

My Patreon Page

I would LOVE any and all feedback, folks!