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Ive always been interested in the divide between the physical and virtual, between the digital and the analog. Recently I have become more interested in the possibilities of merging the unique qualities of both sides of the divide in order to disrupt the the otherwise expected outcomes.

For the Visual Glitch Art project I want to explore this bridge through pulling the image out of the digital world to physically illuminate the opportunities possible in that rhelm then inject it back into the virtual domain to continue down the winding/glitching path. I have built a simple "Extraction Rig" using a tiny broken LCD photo keychain my nephew was throwing away, a small Fresnal lens that I found stuck to a magazine at the flea market and my near dead Canon Ixy.

I hope you guys enjoy seeing my attempts at trying to cross this wide valley and I am certain something valuable will come of this adventure that we can all comment on and share.

Here is the original image of my little puppy, Chancho. Here she is sleeping after a big meal.

So the process:

I have the original image (on my Laptop) which I want to see on the LCD screen. To do this I import it into the keychain GUI that pops up when I connect it via USB. The software that comes with the LCD keychain automatically resizes the image but allows me to make the cropping decisions so it can be viewed.on the keychain. I upload the cropped image into the keychain and place the LCD into the rig. I adjust the positions of the fresnal lens and camera, shoot one photo, upload the photo back to my laptop.

Here is what Chancho looks like after just one journey across the rickety "Extraction/Injection" bridge.

And here is my very first attempt at altering the image through Text Edit... Just copy and pasting some of the code, deleting some and writing some random words here and there.

And a little more but trying to be selective. Attempting to work out which parts of the code correspond with the image seen on screen. I did this by having the folder thumbnail image visible while saving the altered textedit code. Funnily I was unable to upload the picture onto Skillshare, it said the file was corrupted... Opening and saving with GIMP fixed this.

I like how the refraction of the carpet through the fresnal is still visable there at the bottom of the image.

And here is the image after it did another hike across the Digital/Analog Valley using the same rigging setup.

I can safely say that it no longer looks at all like my dog.

Now for some more Text/Hex action:



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