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Extinction by Mark Alpert — Robots vs. Humans — Brains vs. Circuits

My Mock Cover

I recently read the book "Extinction" by Mark Alpert.  It's not a great book but since i had just finished it, and could (just about) remember the major plot points, I used it for this class. 

In the book, a group of man-made artificial intelligent life-forms band together into a collective hive-like intelligent force.  They plot to destroy the human race and develop a swarm of enhanced insects that spy on and kill their enemies.  It comes down to a battle of their circuits vs.the human brains for survival of the fittest.  

During the research phase, a number of key words kept popping up such as: robots, artificial intelligence, data, extinction, nothing and the brain.   Because the idea that extinction = nothing, I finally choose Zero or the empty set for my "letter."

I worked on a number of concepts for the zero including one with the "swarm" insects, one where the zero/empty set glyph was actually an insect.  I finally settled on a concept where the empty set/zero was split between circuits and brains.  Here is the final concept digitized.  It is a rough and I'd like to work on the execution but this is to show the concept and idea.


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