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"Exterminate" Dalek phrase from the "Doctor Who" TV Show


I've decided to sketch the word "exterminate" which is a phrase used by the daleks (enemies of the doctor) on the popular British TV show, Doctor Who. I've included a link for reference, but for anyone who has no idea what I'm talking about, the daleks have coined this phrase and speak it robotically--more like "ex-term-in-ate."

Dalek "Exterminate" Clip from Doctor Who


-I'm thinking of large, block-like letters (maybe with rounder corners) filling up the entire space, but in 4 rows that will alternate between left and right alignment.

-I would like to incorporate some type of fading (exterminate means to get rid of or destroy completely) and circles (see picture of a dalek below).

click picture for link


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