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Exquisite Creature


UPDATE 6/15 - scroll down for most recent version



I have recently aquired a small dog creature friend - She's adorable but I have discovered she has a more complex collection of breeds in her than any other dog at the park. She's a creature of sorts. 

Here is my pinterest mood board for this illustration.

The concept for my illustration will be based off of my findings - they are as follows: 

She's furr'ocious (see what I did there?) like a piranha...has chubby paws like a bear...but the speed, coloring and agility of a fox. She's an adorable, sweet, tiny terror = a total monster animal hybrid. 

Below is a preliminary sketch I did to understand her breed breakdown:

More sketches to come. 

Thanks for taking a look!

6/7 UPDATE: Here are some digital sketches. I'm definitely getting more comfortable with drawing in photoshop with each demon I make.

After fidgiting with the tablet and getting comfortable with brush lines, I decided to go back to my initial digital sketch ( see first image of updated versions). Here is the latest version of Olive - my creature dog:

I still have a lot more refinement to do before getting into coloring, and would love any feedback. 


I have been fidgiting with coloring and rendering my creature. It's a bit muddy in my opinion, but i'll keep playing with it and hopefully work out the heavier parts. Any suggestions are much appreciated. 




Color variations....

The real Olive for reference...


This is the most updated version. I'm still working on rendering the nails and fixing up some of the muddier areas. 

NEXT STEPS - colorizing my terrified pup

Now for the redering!!

And now to put the two together!!!
Still feeling iffy about the lighter parts of the creature on the right. something to work on refining. 

Thanks for taking a look! 


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