Expressive Oil Painting: Beginner's Guide for Creating Energetic Landscapes

Expressive Oil Painting: Beginner's Guide for Creating Energetic Landscapes - student project

Reignite your passion for the outdoors and join me in this beginner-friendly step-by-step expressive landscape painting course!

In this class, you'll learn how to tackle and simplify your favorite landscape scenes and turn them into beautiful oil paintings - with nature as your never-ending inspiration.

Join me for a painting lesson in my hometown on Vancouver Island, where I currently have my studio and art gallery. My paintings have been selected in the best category for Plein Air Salon and quite recently my work was amongst the selected finalists in the Art Renewal Center. This course aims to give you the same tools and techniques that I use in all my work to give you the courage to tap into and boost your unrealized potential as an oil painter.


In this course, you'll learn how to:

  • Simplify and paint your favorite landscape
  • Develop a loosely approached painting style
  • Develop a taste for composition and design
  • Develop confidence in your brushstrokes
  • Create energetic landscapes every time you approach a scene

Who it is for:

  • For anyone who has experience in some kind of drawing (but not necessary) or
  • Who loves to explore new ways of approaching a painting or
  • For those who might have dabbled painting in acrylics or oils before, and want to up their game (this layering technique can hold for both painting mediums)

How we will approach this course:

  • Understanding concept/design before we start painting
  • Breaking down complex visual scenes into simple shapes
  • Exploring painting elements - values, edges, textures, paint quality
  • Understanding how light moves across the canvas creating form
  • Learning about brush handling and paint application

So make yourself a cup of coffee, gather some oil painting supplies, and get ready to learn some new skills!

You can either paint from your own reference photo or use the two photos that I will be working from (which are downloadable under the "resources" tab).

Rajat Shanbhag

Artist | Nature Enthusiast