Expressions - student project

I started with lots of sketches in pencil, following the tip of doing a circle and adding another figure to that circleExpressions - image 1 - student project

I felt most comfortable drawing eyes as a line and an elipse, I also tried to exagerate the faces when I inked them.

Expressions - image 2 - student project

Afterward, I tried cartooning celebs. Up left is Sid Vicious, up right is the lady in the lesson whose name escapes me, down left is Jimi Hendrix and down right is mexican singer Juan Gabriel. This was my favorite page out of the excercises.

Expressions - image 3 - student project

Out of the two faces I like the most of the first page, I chose the one I felt less comfortable with, I think you can tell I wasn't that comfortable or sure with this design. I also felt that I changed his design a little in the last couple of faces. I also started coloring and then didn't feel like coloring all of them :D


Thanks a lot for the class.