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Expression Doodles and Comic by mglcano

Dear Shen!,

Your instruction videos were fantastic! Was literally laughing out loud at some of your antics. Really great.

I wanted to participate sooner but got extremely busy with work and life stuff. 

I'm pretty new to web comics. I've always had a latent childhood desire to be a cartoonist but I never really acted on it. I ended up channeling that creative energy into a career in product design. I somehow randomly saw and participated in Sarah Andersen's class and later John McNamee's class and now yours. Sarah Andersen turned me on to your comic and I was hooked when I first read gosh-dang-it. I've been trying to keep up with my webcomic since Sarah's class, its been incredible fun. You can see it here http://mglcano.tumblr.com It's inspired by moments in my family life with my wife and kiddo.

So here is my first assignment. It was lots of fun. I did it on an older ipad but I think I might go back to my wacom and macbookpro for the next part of your assignment. I'm looking forward to any feedback you can offer.

--- Project Assignment Comic --

I tried double and triple checking for consitency. I think what happens is I start to get excited and lose my critical eye. Better maybe to walk away from it for a bit. Any way here it is. I'm planning to publish it on my tumblr on Saturday. Let me know if you see opportunities for improvement.

Thanks Shen!  

-- opps - i forgot to make it a 3 panel. here is my 3 panel edit --


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