Exposure Triangle put to work

I received my Canon Rebel T4i a number of years back as a gift. It was only recently that I decided to actually do something with it. I have three lenses a 50mm, a 55-250mm and an 18-55mm. 

I found that I prefer keeping it in either the shutter speed priority mode or the aperture priority mode. However, in doing so I learned about the limitations of my different lenses. This prompted me to enter into manual every so often to get exactly what I wanted. Most of the time, though, I left ISO in auto, though I did adjust the maximum ISO. I shot in using both RAW and jpeg so I had a choice. 

Due to preferring shutter speed and aperture over ISO, that tended to be the one that was usually sacrificed. However, I did shoot some of my pictures darker and then lightened them up in Lightroom. 


This is one of my favorite pictures. I shot this at a zoo through glass using my 55-250mm lens. I think I had taken about 20 pictures in order to get this one the way I wanted it. Due to the darkness inside the reptile house, there was a lot of adjustments that needed to be done before I got this.



I was working with the aperture with this one, trying to get a depth of field. The watermark in the corner is my instagram handle. It was a little dark in the room, so I had to work with the ISO.



I was testing shutter speed with this picture. I was laying in my car with my camera and seeing if I could get droplets of water running down my windshield. 


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