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Exposé: National Clogging Convention

So, this is (kind of) a menu?

I was actually, serendipidously, charged with planning a pre-convention seminar for the National Clogging Convention coming up November 2013 in Orlando, FL.   So, I took it upon myself to use this as my class assignment so I could kill two birds with one create endeavor.

My first step was a list of all of the information that needed to be included.   And I interviewed the organizers from previous years to see what worked and what failed about previous processes (represented in previous designs).

From there, I started developing a vision and looked for my font pairs.   I paired Lavandaria Sturdy and Bebas Neau in my ultimate selection.

The list of information that had to be included in the 8.5 x 11 flyer was long, and created some design challenges.  I felk like I was maybe cramming too much into the space.   

I also felt like some of the early design choices started to look mechanical, almost like the inside of a car:  grills and grommets.   So I embraced that and kind of went with it. 

Open to suggestions and critique.



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