Julissa Montes

Marketing and Sponsorships Specialist



Expo for Brides & Quinceañeras

Expo for Brides & Quinceañeras...

Bringing you the best for Quinceañeras, Sweet 16 and Brides-to-be!


Date: May 30th, 2013

Time: From 1-6pm

Location: Hilton Chicago Indian Lakes Resort  250 W Schick Road Bloomingdale, Illinois 60108

Goal: Event to create brand awareness and have the company’s own event for the first time. Not only will we have to make this a successful expo for bride’s to-be and teenagers (quiceañeras or 16 year olds) but we are also looking to bring in some revenue from participating vendors and sponsors.

Sponsors: Hilton Hotel, Tampico, V&V Supremo....

Other components:

Who are the decision makers/Who has the money (are there sponsors)?

Hoy Newspaper (General Manager, Sales Director and Marketing Director) and sponsors

Budget: $15,000 + whatever we sell from sponsorships

What do you want it to look like? We are utilizing the Hilton Hotel to put together a bridal and quinceañearas/sweet 16 expo. We need to have several booths/tables for vendors and sponsors to display their products.

What are things that cannot move? The location. Hilton will let us borrow their banquet hall for free as long as we bring in at least 200 guests to view the venue.

What will make it yours? Other organizations put together similar Expos in Chicago so we need to figure out a away to differentiate our expo from the rest. Attracting the Hispanic Market would be one of the main points. The other thing we can do to make it “ours” is to have a contest where the winner will be featured in our newspaper wearing their bridal or sweet 16 gown.  


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