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Exploring old attempts at what I know now as ratios, triangles, curves

I decided to review some of the pix that I've taken in the last year or so for this assignment. Given the lesson, I've revisited some of my pix, and in light of the ratios, triangles, curves and fore/mid/back ground. 

#1 - This on was on a trip to Mongolia. Trying to convey the expanse of open landscape that was always around the edges of where ever you were. This is at Erdene Zu. A monastery built in 1585 and an active monastery today.  We drove down the road you see there. I hope the foreground conveys the international setting; and the mid / background gives sense of the expanse.

#2 - On a little dugout canoe on the Rapti River in Nepal in the Chitwan National Forest. Looking for crocodiles. What I like about the shot is starting at the bottom left with the pole seems to be a line that follow up to the top right with the sun/cloud. Not sure all of the proportions are accurate. And since I was there, I know it's a canoe; and on a river. Hope it conveys that to others, too.

#3 -  Pensive dancer.  Here is the head of a little statuette on the windowsill. The stripes in the photo are from the blind on the outside of the window.  The stripes continue in the background, though out of focus.The stripes sort of tie the back to mid to fore ground. The vertical shapes of the orange and white in the background, set off the statuette; make it stand out a bit more.

#4 - Red Line.  Sunsets never cease to amaze me. Standing in one of the many vortex of the Sedonna area, the sun slowly sinks. Leaving a hint of itself as it goes. I like the red line cutting a swath across the picture. The boldest part of the departure being off to the left of center.

#5 - July.  It was hot. I'd been hiking. My feet were tired!  Oh boy did this feel good!!!  The splashng water and position of feet give a sense of motion, to me, from right to left.

I look forward to any feedback. Thank you!


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