Maya Röder

Explorer on creative sabbatical



Exploring my Brushes

Thanks a lot for this short and informative class, Amarilys!

I very much enjoyed experimenting with my brushes and really explored them in a new way.

ROUND BRUSHES - I have various round brushes and always tended towards the smaller ones rather than the bigger one (my biggest round is actually only a number 10). However when trying out all the round brushes together on one piece of paper I noticed that I actually prefer the Round 10 much more than the smaller ones and I will definitely use it more in future. I also noticed the quality differences between the various brands. Some of my brushes came with water colour palettes, others I bought in sets or also separately. I can feel a real difference in the handling and the amount of colour they keep evem if they have the same or almost the same size. You can see the differences in the samples of the two Round 1 brushes below. And I will also look into getting a bigger round brush more towards size 20 to try out working with it.

FLAT BRUSHES - I only have three flat brushes and actually one of them is Angler which I was not aware until now. When experimenting with it I actually noticed that this Angler is by far my flat favorite brush and I had barely used it until then! But in general I prefer round brushes over flat ones.

OTHER BRUSHES - The only "other brush" I own is what I called a Detailer, but you call Liner in your overview. So I guess it is a liner! I have some difficulties handling this brush and think it needs a lot of practise to use it confidently. However it really allows you to paint super small details and it will be interesting to explore its use further.

One brush on my "Brushes-To-Get-List" has definitely been a fan brush although I am not sure how often I will actually really use it. I just like the effects you can create with it and I love how they look. But after watching your class I actually also think about getting a Filbert or a Mop Brush. And whatever brush I will get next I will use this way of exploring its use and keep it as a reference.



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