Exploring books on Goodreads.com

Exploring books on Goodreads.com - student project

Exploring books on goodreads.com, finding a book to add to my "Want To Read" list

Login to www.goodreads.com, using email and password.  After entering the url the DNS translates that into an IP address, this request is routed to the server , which sends packets of data, from the back-end.  This data is translated by the browser into what I see as a Client (front end - text, images etc).  Once I've entered my login info that is verified in the database.

I go to the Homepage to see my activity and friends' activities (information pulled from the database is displayed as a front end presentation layer in HTML & CSS). 

 Exploring books on Goodreads.com - image 1 - student project



Use the Explore drop down menu or click on tab (this drop down menu is from a CSS library)

 Exploring books on Goodreads.com - image 2 - student project



Click Explore tab, the page displays Noteworthy Titles and a Search field (this action calls information from the database which is displayed on the front end)

 Exploring books on Goodreads.com - image 3 - student project


A user can search by Title, Author, Genre.  I entered Historical Novels & clicked the Search button (this action is making a call to the database)

 Exploring books on Goodreads.com - image 4 - student project


A list of books is displayed & I can add it to my “Want To Read" list (this action presents information from the database.  The action that the user can take to add to the "Want To Read" list sends information back to the database to be stored with the users credentials)


 Exploring books on Goodreads.com - image 5 - student project


The source code for the front end of this site  includes HTML (class is js flexbox), CSS & javascript.  There are references to styling - color, font etc (CSS).  Regarding the back-end logic  there are "if" conditionals about what & how to display the content if the browser is IE6, IE8 or IE9 and there are functions that relate to submitting a request and refreshing content.