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Anisa Sagynova

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Exploring Watercolor Techniques


First of all I want to thank Ana for such an awesome class! I was always interested in watercolor techniques, but I did not how to start. Your class was a great start for me to explore watercolors! Thank you! <3

So I started with Transparencies, Gradients, Pulse and Precision:


My watercolor paper was finished, so I used acrylic paper to keep developing my skills on gradients.


Pulse and Precision, Monochrome:


I was inspired very much by this flower image on Visuta website. So, I redrew it and painted using Monochrome technique. Here is the link: http://visuta.org/?im=beautiful-monochrome-contour-flower,-floral-design-element&image_id=308412239&system_id=2

Here is my version:


In Christmas mood these days ^_^:


I also like the works of Geninne. Here is some of my favorite: https://www.facebook.com/geninnesart/photos/a.422549756288.206844.127741371288/10153808595271289/?type=3&theater. So could not help myself, but tried to draw and paint cactus. :)

Here is my version:


Then I proceeded to the next activity - Experimental Watercolor. I've researched for more techniques and found a great link - http://adventures-in-making.com/toolbox-8-watercolor-techniques-for-beginners/ ,which I used too for this activity :


I like the mix of Salt and Alchohol. I think it would work well with the Galaxy.

As I am a little busy these days, I will work on Jellyfish and Galaxy Project after two weeks.


Jan. 5, 2016.

Here finally comes the Jellyfish activity:


(+) I love the texture of the jellyfish's bell.

(+) The color pallete of blue jellyfish gives a feeling of galaxy.

(+) The inner part of the red jellyfish gives a gradient look.

(-) I should place/draw the jellyfish upper in order to give a balance to overall layout.

(-) The inner part of the dark blue jellyfish should be lighter.



(+) The overall galaxy painting looks nice.

(+) I especially like the part on the right upper corner with the blinked star.

(-) I think I added to much salt and alcohol.

(-) I think there should be one basic color and minor colors.

(I) I really like this activity and would like to explore and paint more galaxy theme images.

Adding black & white filter gives a nice realistic feeling of the galaxy.


Note: all these paints were made only with watercolors, salt and alcohol.

Thank you Ana for such a great class!! I really looking forward to learning more and waiting for another class!

Happy New Year to you and to all students taking this wonderful class!

Kind regards,

Anisa. ^_^


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