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Exploring My Style

I love your classes, Ria!

Here's Exercise 1:


I don't do a lot of pencil sketches so this was a challenge for me!


Day 2 - Decided to use just watercolor. I'm trying to be aware of the order I naturally take in doing these. The subtle shadows were a struggle! Also, the thought crossed my mind that I could have done the berries differently (layering on paint instead of just painting in the dark areas), but it was too late at the point of realization to go back :P 


Day 3: WOW this was sooooo hard! And I'm a little embarrassed to post my result ha.. this exercise made me realize how much I rely on my eyes when sketching, and how little I rely on memory! (It also made me realize how easily I stress out at the thought of limiting my exposure to the original image I'm trying to recreate...) By the time I got to the fruit (which I sketched last) I could not for the life of me remember if they were in separate bowls or what was holding them... so I took a (wrong) guess. So interesting! Though I'm not satisfied with the quality of my sketch, it was definitely a fun exercise!


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