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Exploring Morningside

I've recently settled into this beautiful little neighborhood of Manhattan called Morningside Heights, it's a unique blend of electric NYC life and small town charm, which is exactlly what I wanted to capture.  At the heart of Morningside is the beautiful campus of Columbia University, some really amazing photo opps there!  It's bordered to the east and west with two beautiful parks, Morningside Park and Riverside Park which runs along the Hudson River.  Going right through the middle is the hustle and bustle of Broadway!  This is were you'll find some great cafes, charming tea shops and lots of life.  

I have really enjoyed spending my days walking this neighborhood, trying to catch all the life and beauty I've found here.  I hope you like the pictures I've captured and learn a little more about this charming little corner of Manhattan that I call home :)

I used Snapseed, PS Express, TouchRetouch, SKRWT, Afterlight and VSCO

Welcome to Morningside…


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