Exploring Manual and Aperture

Exploring Manual and Aperture - student project

I decided to shoot something at home as my camera works best with the daylight, but to make it a challenge I wanted to do it indoors. 

It's Canon 450D + 50mm f1.8

Exploring Manual and Aperture - image 1 - student project

f 1.8    1/30sec    ISO 200

Exploring Manual and Aperture - image 2 - student projectf 4.0   1/20 sec.   ISO 800


I also did a bit of lightroom correction.

I think the first one looks a bit more natural it blurs the front and the back making it airier, wheres the second picture has a higher aperture which makes the cotton much sharper.


Sometimes the pictures with f 1.8 do not come out sharp enough. I think raising the aperture might help, although it would mean losing light. 


Anyways, I hope you will enjoy. 

Olena Shkliaieva
PhD Student, artist