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Exploring Istanbul

Exploring Istanbul                  

 This past month I had the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Istanbul. I took this as an opportunity to try the new techniques learned in this course, and explore a city in a new and interesting way.

 While in Istanbul I shot with a Nikon FM2 on Ilford HP5, and my iPhone 6. I haven’t processed the film yet so this project is all from my iPhone.

 Bird’s Eye View

 I took this shot on the coast of the black sea. We went to the beach for the day and I decided to climb up a hill down the coast. I was able to find this incredible landscape looking down the cliff I was standing on.



I also really like this photo. I took Dan’s advice and asked around Kadiky for some spots with roof access. I ended up on this awesome rooftop café where I got what I think is a pretty cool shot overlooking a park at sunset with Hagia Sophia and Sultan Ahmed on the horizon.


Off the Beaten Path

I took this one while inside the Hagia Sophia, so not really off the beaten path but kind of a unique picture to take. I was walking upstairs and caught a glimpse of Sultan Ahmed out of a window and really liked how the window was acting as a natural frame.



Middle of the Road

I wish I had gotten a better one of this. This was just the group I was with walking down the road.



Signs of life

This was a photo I took while riding the ferry. I think its interesting how the sea gulls always follow these ferries.



Post Card

This is a picture of Galata Tower. The only opportunity I had to see Galata Tower was this one time at dusk and I really liked the different colored lights



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