Exploring Holiday Colors!

Exploring Holiday Colors! - student project

Another fabulous class, thank you so much Claire!

Beautiful palettes for all season were presented in this class, and, since it's holiday season, I decided to work with that in mind.

The Antique Christmas Palette caught my eye right away, because of its lovely nostalgic feel and warm greens and golds.

I have put together a similar palette (with slightly less reds) in my color journal. The images were mostly found in catalogs I had in the house. The color swatches are created with colored paper and copic markers

Exploring Holiday Colors! - image 1 - student project

I then proceeded to create my holiday illustration, I continue to be strongly drawn to teal blue-green as a base color. The strong red from Claire's palette provided necessary contrast, I also loved playing with combination of orange and greens (like the little tangerine photo I have in my journal). I was drawing on my ipad in the waiting room, and received orders for greeting cards with this design, while still working on it. People especially complemented to color combo on this one.

Exploring Holiday Colors! - image 2 - student project

Hooray for inspiration and gorgeous colors!

Thanks again, Claire!