Exploring Hatching :)

Exploring Hatching :) - student project

Pen Personality

I've made my pen personality reference sheet with my color pens as well, since it was fun and my paper was too much too white!

Exploring Hatching :) - image 1 - student project

Hatching Patchwork

I really appreciated doing the hatching patchwork. It was really nice to explore the hatching technique :)

I can see a lot of mistakes, but I feel more confident now to create a hatching piece of art!

Exploring Hatching :) - image 2 - student project


For my first hatching drawing I created a whale. It was really challenging to incorporate hatching in the drawing, but as I explored it I understood hatching better :) I feel like exploring and testing it out more now!

Exploring Hatching :) - image 3 - student project


Amanda Leticia

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