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Kelli McNichols

artist / teacher



Exploring Fluid Watercolor Painting

January 13, 2014

Paint a Single, Simple Object:

Normally I am a "fussy" painter when it comes to watercolor. I never seem to be able to stop fiddling with my work and as a result I often feel like my pieces are over-worked and stiff. After a couple of false starts I was able to paint an apple that felt like it had some fluidness to it.

Compose and Create Your Painting:

For my larger project I chose to do a painting of spring crocuses. I created this composition from some photos I had in my collection. I tried to keep things simple by eliminating a lot of details in the flowers, I wanted to capture the feeling of the flower rather than an exact botanical painting. I definitely liked adding the splatters. In the beginning I softened the splatters but at the end I left them to add some texture.

It was quite difficult to resist the urge to keep playing with this piece but I forced myself to stop. I still have a long way to go on this journey into paintings that are full of movement but I feel like this is much more doable now than when I had tried something like this in the past.


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