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Exploring Chicago

This shot is from the top of a parking garage in chicago. This shot and the rest are edited with VSCOcam. 

This shot was taken on the Chicago riverwalk, under one of the iconic bridges. I chose to frame this shot with the bridge taking up the majority of the photo because I really liked the white light coming in from in between the two sides of the bridge.  

Even though this image is so iconic, I thought I should include it in my photo essay to show the different things you can do with a photo. I used an iPhone app called AvgCamPro to take this picture. This app takes multiple photos over a set period of time and combines them into one. It can be used to flatten out water or make it look like there are no people in an image. 

Same spot, but a twist.Taken from the top of the Hancock, where I had dinner last night. 

Finally, if you want to check out more of my photos, my instagram is @romancreates. Thank you all for taking a peek at my project!


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