Exploring Asian Culture in the San Francisco Bay Area

  • Why: A window into the Asian communities of the SF Bay Area.
  • Expert: I've been to many of these communities and have been active in a few of them.
  • Target Audience: Anyone interested in exploring Asian cultures.
  • Printed or digital? Digital - infographic if possible. I'll probably try to create it in Illustrator.
  • Details: I was thinking of including main street and hwy names, plus addresses for places.
  • Would love people to shoot ideas of give suggestions! :)

The San Francisco Bay Area has a vibrant Asian community - and by Asian, I mean, all of Asia: Middle East, Central, South, Southeast, East, etc.! Some of these communities are quite obvious and well-known (Chinatown, Japantown, etc.), but others are rather unknown. Also, some are more touristy while others are suburban getaways for Asian-Americans who are more meshed with other non-Asians. I wanted to create a map of the pockets of communities right here in the Bay Area, small and large, mainly through places of interest: community centers, places of worship, restaurants, etc. I'm sure I'll be missing some too, so hopefully there will be a future update.

(4) Here is my hand-drawn map for Exercise 1. It's for my first idea which was to do a map of places of interest in the Northern Peninsula of the SF Bay Area.


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