Explore - student project

Jordan, thank you! What great and cathartic exercises. It was nice to sit down with my iPad again, amidst the Covid-19 chaos. You made my day!


The thing that inspires me the most is travel and exploration. I love new countries, new climates, but especially tropical ones. For an introvert like myself, it's always scary yet well worth it to get on a plane.


Explore - image 1 - student project


Explore - image 2 - student project


I ended up not doing a "Things I Fear" because I realised these two are very similar for me. So I did a "Things I Love" instead!


Explore - image 3 - student project


And lastly, I really look forward to quarantine being over. So this is my dream board!


Explore - image 4 - student project 

Jess Machen